A slice of bread can turn your whole day around! 

5Points is a small bakery that is simply a delight. The bakery specializes in many types of grain bread, and they make sure to soak the yeast, which makes it very easy to digest - all loafs are gluten free. The artisans make the bread from scratch right behind the counter. Similar to many other establishments in the area, the products used and sold are from local suppliers. If you ever need a place to sip a warm beverage and munch on some delicious treats, this may be the place for you. During my visit, I tried a specialty slice of bread that had cheese and spinich on top - it was tasty.  

426 Rhode Island Street

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    they are having an 11 week bread share for $50! it starts march 3rd get on it! it comes out to be 4 ish dollars a week...
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    I didn’t know this place existed, looks like I have another shop I have to visit!
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    will make my way here sometime.
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