In the aptly titled exhibition Deconstructing Urbania, Vullo’s artworks capture the moods and ambiance of Buffalo by literally “deconstructing” the buildings and textures into cubist shapes and shadows. He experimented with various artistic styles such as ashcan realism, abstract cubism, and landscape minimalism. Through these styles Vullo was able to create landscapes that form an architectural presence while also radiating a specific disposition. The touches of warm colors and gritty textures that Vullo uses help to reveal the aspects of Buffalo that make it an embraceable city: its enthusiastic community and unique urban space.

James Vullo: Deconstructing Urbania will be on view at the Burchfield Penney Art Center through August 26. The exhibit opens with a guided tour tonight (March 9) at 5:30pm, as part of the Burchfield Penney’s Second Friday event alongside the opening of three other exhibits.

-jill greenberg

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