06 October 2012
Buffalo, NY
Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Tonight’s concert was at Shea’s Performing Arts Center, a mere two blocks from the hotel. With the exception of the very dry stage, which made everyone feel a little exposed, and the blinding spotlights on either side, completely destroying peripheral vision, the hall was a fabulous.

The hall was beautiful…a very ornate theater. (The little camera on my phone won’t do it justice, although I’ve been playing with a new (to me) App called Camera+. We’ll see if it makes a difference.) The ceiling was wonderfully detailed artwork, but the glare from the spotlights made it impossible to get a photo.

The theater was huge, but I couldn’t see any empty seats. Jon and Samantha both grew up in Buffalo and had hordes of adoring fans in the audience, but clearly the public turned out in style for this concert. An hour prior to concert time, in cold temperatures and a wind with a bit to it, the line was down the sidewalk as we walked up to the stage door. This crowd had Encore written all over it.

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