The Twelfth Annual Music is Art Festival 2014

Listening to MIA founder Robby Takac describe this Saturday’s Music Is Art Festival was one of those “wow!” moments for me. Burmese dancers, a Punk Rock Puppet Show, the Fire Faery, DJs in the woods, the amazing menu of entertainment is endless.

If you’ve never been to a Music Is Art Festival, or haven’t been since it’s early years in Allentown, you’ll be blown away by MIA 2014. From it’s humble block party beginnings in a Franklin St. parking lot with one tiny stage and art work hung on a chain-link fence, the festival has grown into a large and eagerly anticipated end-of-summer cultural celebration, summer’s grand finale. And it’s all free!

Spread across the back steps of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and extending deep into… Continue reading.